Hello fam, back here with yet another blog but this time it is kind of different than what I usually blog about. Today I’m here to break 5 hair myths that you believe and need to get over with. So, let’s get right on it!

NUMBER 1. Dandruff < Dry scalp

If you have those white little flakes in your hair then it does not mean you have dry scalp. White flakes in your hair means you have dandruff, period. “My scalp is dry and when its dry it gets flaky” well honey I’m sorry to break it to you but you have dandruff, straight dandruff. No matter how big or small flakes you have, it is dandruff and not dry scalp. Just use a shampoo that treats the dandruff in your hair.

NUMBER 2. You need to shampoo your hair everyday to keep it clean.

No no no! No, you do not need to and should not shampoo everyday to keep your hair clean. Shampooing everyday just strips off your hair’s natural tendency to produce oils and nutrients and just makes them undernourished and damaged. If you think shampooing every day makes your hair clean then no dear, your hair is just getting more and more unhealthy day by day. If your everyday routine exposes your hair to dirt then try and shampoo your hair after every 2 days instead of shampooing them every day. And if your hair is not exposed to dirt very often then my advice would be to shampoo your hair twice a week. You can wash your hair (with water) more than that if you want to but don’t shampoo very often. (I shampoo once a week, judge me all you want but my hair is better that way).

NUMBER 3. Hair treatments are bullsh*t.

No, they are not. Not all hair treatments are bullsh*t. Some are actually very advantageous and healthy but you should consult a doctor before going for any treatment. You need to see how heavy is your hair problem and only then you should go in for a treatment, that too after a doctor’s consultation.

NUMBER 4. Plucking a grey hair will grow 3 more grey hair.

No. In our hair there are cells which produce pigments and when these cells stop producing pigments our hair turns grey. Plucking a grey hair does not however affect the cells in other follicles. BUT interesting side note if you smoke cigarettes, you are 4 times more likely to go grey prematurely and experience hair loss, which is another great reason to quit other than the whole lung cancer reason.

NUMBER 5. Hair products are the reason why people go bald or loose hair.

This is FALSE. When you are applying hair products you are a lot of times going to have hair on your hands. On average, we lose 100 hairs a day, so if you just go through your hair with your hand you will have one or two hair, do it again and you’ll see one or two more. You’re going to lose 100 hairs a day, this doesn’t mean you are balding and the hair product you are using won’t make you go bald faster. With that being said all hear products are definitely not created equally, if you are using a crappy product, with high alcohol content, chances are your hair is going to become more dry, more damaged and more brittle, it doesn’t mean you’re going to go bald, it just means you’re going to have crappy hair.

And with that ladies and gentlemen we totally debunked the sh*t out of 5 stupid hair myths!

So, with this I’m officially signing off for the day if you find this blog helpful then drop a like and comment down below if you want me to bring forward some good types of hair products.





Hey guys, welcome or welcome back. This blog is a continuation of my last week’s blog so be sure to check Part 1 before you jump on this one. And if you have, then let’s get started.

Ques 5. What destroys a relationship?

Oh boy, lets just name some things, lying, lying, inability to be honest, lying, also sh*ty communication, immaturity, disrespect and carelessness.

Ques 6. I don’t have a boyfriend, is there something wrong with that?

No, if you don’t have a boyfriend there’s nothing wrong with you. Having boyfriends isn’t something which assures you that you are normal. If you don’t have a boyfriend its not something to be sad or disturbed about. There’s nothing wrong with you.

Ques 7. How do you solve arguments?

Communication. That’s it. If you had a fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend you need to talk it out, there’s no other way around it. Do not hold grudges, just talk. Its amazing to know how just talking with one another can solve some major misunderstandings.

Ques 8. What to do if a guy says he likes you and then gets back with his ex?

He is a liar dude. Don’t speak to him ever again. Block him, that’s what I would do. Also, never date a guy or a girl who isn’t properly over their ex because that can be a toxic relationship for you and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Never forget that you don’t deserve less.

So, with this I’m signing off for the day. If you have any more questions, comment down below and drop a like if you found this helpful.




Things to Know Before Freshman Year(of college)

Hey guys, welcome or welcome back to my blog!
Today I am here with another college-based blog. I have many friends in college and I hear them ranting about stuff they wish they knew before starting college and since I don’t want anything like that happening to my viewers, thus I’m here with 5 things you need to know before your first year.

Start Working Out

That’s right, before you start going to your college you should start working out. Download fitness apps or go to gym, I don’t care as long as you’re working that body. Believe me I have friends crying over the fact that they didn’t give enough time to their bodies, so don’t make that mistake. I’m not telling you to start working out in your final year of high school but after all your entrance exams you get 2-3 months before college, USE THAT TIME.

Do Not Buy Books

Now whichever college you attend, you don’t need to buy new books. Always use second hand books. Usually in college, your books change with semester so in every new semester you need different books. So, when you buy them second hand, you get them on half price. Also wait for your professors to tell you which books you’ll be needing for the semester because in college there is a huge chance of not needing all the books included in your course.


Now guys, when you go to college don’t keep yourself low and be in a shell. College is all about coming out of your comfort zone and exploring different sides of your own personality. College life will be fun if you give yourself a good exposure. Don’t hide and be in your safe place, rather extend your boundaries and expand your comfort zone. Trust me, you’ll be surprise about how much things you can do and achieve.

Be Open

You’ll meet a wide range of people in college and they’ll all be strangers to you. So, talk to them. Try to talk to as many people you can, explore them and let them explore you. Now you can’t make a lot of friends but its never too bad to know more than 5 people, right? you never know when they might come to your aid. So, open up with people, don’t be shy. You’ll be surprised to know how much you can learn from these people and this will also improve your communications skills.

Your Surroundings

This is kind of the reflection of the last one. What I mean by this is that the kind of friends you make will reflect on you as well. If your friends are too much into sports then you will get into it too or if your friends are more concentrated on partying and having fun then you will like to do that too, so I hope you get what I mean. I’d suggest you to make friends with those who have same interests as you.

Life is so much more than just studying and you have done that a lot since the past 4-5 years. Try and explore and have fun in college but don’t let your studies be side tracked either (you know you want a good placement). Just don’t be shy to try out new things, even if you don’t know about a club in your college just freaking join it and get exposure.

So, with this I’m officially signing off for the day. Drop a like if you found this blog helpful and comment down below if you want more such college-based blogs. Till then stay safe and be happy.





Hey lovelies, I’m so glad you’re back again to read my blogs. I feel really very good from the support and love you all give me. So, as the title says I’m here to give you some advice for your relationship, just going to answer some common questions and problems people face in their relationships. So, lets get right on it.

BIG FAT DISCLAIMER: When I say something about “guys” or “girls” I don’t mean to generalise the whole group like that, every person is different and not all guys/girls are same. I’m just speaking from my personal experiences. This is not supposed to offend anyone.

Ques 1. How to know when a guy is into you?

Now every girl alive has had this question once in their lifetime. So, this question has two ends. One end is the guy will absolutely ignore your existence (which is very confusing and irritating in my opinion) and second, they’ll give you a lot of attention (which in my opinion is better). So basically, you need to get this through your mind that if somebody wants to talk to you or to be in your life, they’ll make an effort. If you want a more detailed blog related to this comment down below and I’ll come up with a little more detailed view on this one.

Ques 2. Any tips for people with trust issues?

Having trust issues isn’t bad first of all, just needed to get this on the table that not every person deserves to be trusted, and its fine if you face problems trusting the other person. Personally, if you have trust issues then I’d suggest you to keep your walls up when you first meet the person and your wall will gradually fall down if that person deserves your trust. Also, just wanted to mention here that trust is the key to every relationship. So, you need to build that understanding with your significant other and get past your issues. You need to figure out whether this person is important enough for you to put yourself out there and trust them. Not every girl or every guy will hurt you. I know this is so much easier said than done but you will have to work on it.

Ques 3. How to move on from a long-term relationship/ How to get back into the dating world?

My biggest piece of advice for this one would be to give yourself time especially after a long relationship. You need to give yourself time to kind of grieve the relationship and get over that person instead of getting involved with someone else immediately after the parting. Some times it just feels easier to jump into something else because that gives you a distraction from how you are feeling about the relationship that just ended but the problem is that you don’t want to ignore your feelings, you need to understand them and confront them in order to overcome them. Just putting distractions in your way to cover up how you’re feeling is just going to harm you in the long run. Those feelings will always be there somewhere if you don’t work through them, I mean that is how I personally feel but some people actually loose their feelings by just covering them up with distractions and stuff but its not that case for me. You need to give yourself time. Get back into the dating world when you’re totally over your relationship because that’s how you can keep things healthy for everyone.

Ques 4. How to get over a heartbreak?

Well, this is a tough one because heartbreaks sucks. These are tough to get over with and in that moment you will think that you’d never be able to get through it. So, how you can overcome heartbreaks, the steps are simple but the process isn’t. It depends on person to person on how you deal with it. If someone broke your heart or if the situations broke your heart then you have to face it, there is no shortcut to overcoming it. You have to feel the pain and everything else that comes along with it but to be honest once you deal with that, life becomes better. There is nothing like you’ll be stuck in it forever, you will eventually move on and when you do, believe me you will be happier and things will get easier.

So, with this I’ll be signing off for the day. There are more questions that I want to address that is why I decided I’ll do the blog in two parts so stay tuned for the second part!

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Well, today I am genuinely so happy that I started this blog because I gained 15 followers in one month which is very special to me and each one of you are extremely precious to me. Genuinely I thought I’d do a “10 Followers Special” but then I got tremendous views and likes on my last blog post and I gained 5 followers in just one day which was actually a very awesome thing and I was too happy and surprised at the same time.

Since I became divadailyy, I never took it to social media because I was too scared about how this was going to turn out and I didn’t wanted any pressure, I was afraid I’d disappoint my viewers and so I decided to keep it low. I wanted the viewers to read my blogs without knowing who I am, so that I get a real view about my writing skills and I wanted to create an identity based solely on my blogs. I’m very happy and grateful for your unlimited support, you all mean a lot to me, I mean the fact that I actually have a little blogging family consisting of 15 people who knows me through my blogs is a great achievement for me, makes me feel worthy to keep trying and working hard for it.

I am genuinely thankful to each one of you who ever thought that my blogs were worth your time. I started this blog because I like writing, and I couldn’t think of a better way than starting a blog, although before starting a blog I did try to write a book but then I found out that it wasn’t my cup of tea 😂 so I stopped doing that, it was terrible believe me.

I’m just glad that you all love my blogs, I just need your constant love and support and I’m sure divadailyy will go much higher. Thank you so much!





You should always adhere to the needs of your skin and that is why your girl is here with yet another blog which will make your life easy.

I’ll tell you all the basic steps you need to follow to build your skincare routine. So, let’s get right on it.

Know Your Skin Type!!!

It is a very crucial step in making your skincare routine because if you don’t know your skin type and start using products randomly then your routine will have more drawbacks than benefits. So, to make it right I’ll tell you about the types of skin people generally have and how you can identify yours.

  Dry SkinDry skin feels tight, especially right after washing. You may notice flaking, redness or even fine wrinkles around your eyes and mouth.
  Oily SkinOily skin tends to be more on the shinier and glowing side. You may experience a lot of pimples and blackheads.
  Normal/Combination SkinNormal/Combination skin usually has a smooth even texture. This type of skin usually has an oily
T-Zone (that is your forehead and nose and a little bit around it) and dryness usually emerges around the cheeks.
  Sensitive SkinSensitive skin is more on the delicate side. These types of skin are very prone to redness and rashes and may have allergic reactions to random products.

I have an oily T-Zone and it’s a little dry around the cheeks, so I lie in the category of Normal/Combination skin type. Without knowing your skin type you can’t build your routine.
CAUTION- Do not make your routine without knowing which skin type you belong to because it can be a huge disaster if you use some other kind of product.

Now that we know our skin types lets get onto how do we build a skincare routine!

Beauties, when it comes to skincare products, more is not better. Stick to K.I.S.S. which is Keep It Stupid Simple/Simple Stupid. So, let’s do this!


  • The most important step in any skincare routine at any age is cleansing. You should never go to sleep with a layer of oil, sweat and dirt on your skin. It’s literally hazardous and very insensitive if you’re doing that to your skin!

Now the question arises in your mind, which cleanser should I use? So here you go.

  Dry skinChoose a cleanser which doesn’t have an overwhelming scent and have a gel like or creamy consistency.
  Oily SkinUse a cleanser which is foaming. Use gentle cleansers and make sure they do not clog your pores which can lead to breakouts! Try to look for non-comedogenic cleansers (which means a cleanser that does not clog the pores)
    Normal/Combination SkinIts better to pick the kind of cleanser which says “All skin types”. You need a basic cleanser that gently cleanses your face removing the oil and dirt and gives you a fresh feeling.
  Sensitive SkinPick out a face wash which has clearly mentioned “For Sensitive Skin”.
  • The second step for your nighttime routine is to moisturise your lovely clean skin. Now for moisturisers too you need to make sure its specifically made for your skin type only. You should not use a moisturiser which is not ideal for your type. Moisturisers act as a barrier to keep the moisture in and pollutants out.
    Both dry and oily skin needs moisturisers. Do not make a mistake by thinking that since your skin is already oozing oil from the pores so you don’t need a moisturiser because then the skin will think it is not nourished enough and will force the pores to create even more oil which is not what we want.
    Important- Oily Skin- Look for lightweight and gel type moisturiser.


The morning routine is always the same but you should always end with a sunscreen!

You need to protect your skin from UV rays. The sun can quickly add up a few years to your skin and I don’t think anyone wants that! You got to trust me on this and end your morning routine with SPF.
Dry Skin- Look for a sunscreen which has a little moisturizing in it too.
Oily Skin- Look for SPF which is non-comedogenic and oil-free.
Normal/Combination/Sensitive Skin- Use a sunscreen which is for all skin types.

What about scrubs and exfoliating skin products?

Well beauties, if you’re still in your teens or early twenties you don’t need products to exfoliate or scrub, you don’t even need to use serums or toners. Your skin is young and is already doing these jobs naturally, for you. You don’t want to prematurely strip away and be extremely harsh on your skin and start using such potent ingredients for nothing. But if you are very concerned with your breakouts then look for a cleanser or a moisturiser with salicylic acid, that will do the job. Toners, serums, scrubs, no, uh-uh, not at all.

Eat healthy, and don’t expect for your breakouts to go away by just using salicylic acid every day, if you’re in your teens you got to deal with the hormones with patience.

So, with this your girl is officially signing off for the day. Be sure to give this a like and comment down below if you wanna know what products I use in my skincare routine.

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5 Things I Can’t Live Without

Hey Sweethearts!

Its been a month since I started this blog and I realized how less I’ve shared about myself with you guys. So today I’m here to tell you 5 things that I literally can’t live without.

My Laptop

I cannot live without my laptop; it has my whole life inside it. Though I wasn’t addicted to my laptop before the virus and the lockdown but since everything got virtual and all, this little baby got very important to me. Whether for my classes or my blogs, I need my lappy with me all the time.

My Specs

Yes, I have a poor eyesight so I obviously can’t live without specs, and with this I just realised you guys haven’t seen me yet, I mean some of you. Well, I’ll think about a “face revealing” blog soon. Comment down below if you want that blog.

My Comb

Now some of you may thing “girl, what are you saying?” Well you see my comb is my priced possession, it doesn’t have any diamonds or anything on it but I can’t even imagine it getting lost. Actually there is this funny story related to my comb getting kind of misplaced, but lets save that for another blog (😂). Anyways, every person has one object with whom s/he is obsessed with and for me that object is my comb.

My Earphones

Gosh I can never forget these babies when I go out. I can absolutely not live without my earphones. Consider them as my lifeline. Whether in a car, in my room or on a walk, they are always with me. (you can even use it avoid talking to people😂 I do that a lot)

My Phone

My phone comes last on the list of things I can’t live without. I know it’s very unlikely because most people have their phones on number 1 but I don’t have very much on my phone. I use my phone only for a handful of reasons and those usually involves talking to one or two people in my life that’s it. I mean I literally wouldn’t even require a phone if I were just with those people.

So, with this, I’m signing off for the day. Drop a like and comment down below if you think I should do more such “personal” blogs.





When it comes to your busy life, you get sidetracked and ignorant for what is necessary for you. And that is why today I have brought a list of apps for you to make your life more sorted and comparatively better. So, let’s get right on it!

Alarmy: If you also find it difficult to get up on your own and need your parents to wake you up then grow up buddy! Your parents won’t be there with you everywhere you go that is why you need Alarmy. The perfect app to wake you the hell up. It has several features to actually wake you up on time like it can give you a math problem in the morning or ask you to click a perfect picture of a still object and it won’t stop ringing until you actually do the task thrown at you, so you should really check it out.
P.S.- You can set up your waking up challenge according to your needs after all math can make people grumpy but it surely wakes you up! (😂 )

Forest: No, I am not telling you to keep count of the trees around you. This app is way different from what it sounds. Forest is an app to help you focus on your studies and every other thing that needs your focus. You won’t always have someone who will tell you to put your phone down and study, you’ll soon be entering the real world and you’ll have to help yourself. Forest is an app which helps you set a timer for how much time you need to spend away from your phone and it stops you from using the phone in that particular time.

My Study Life: The ultimate app to plan your whole study life. Whether its calendar, to do list, time table, exam dates, or assignments submission this app has it all covered. This is the perfect app to systematise your study routine. It helps you to be regular and it will make sure you don’t miss the deadlines of your submissions. If you are a student you should definitely have this app in your device. It helps you to be super organised and sorted, you can never go wrong with this app.

Plant Nanny: Yeah, this name is kind of funny but the app is not. According to the statistics every other student suffers from dehydration at some level in their life, apparently we don’t have time to drink water. But with this app in your pocket you will never face the issue of dehydration because this app reminds you of drinking water! Its like having a nanny in your pocket who makes sure you drink enough water. Say bye bye to chapped lips and dry skin!

Fitify: You need a workout app with you, an app so convenient that you can exercise anytime and anywhere you want. I’d personally suggest Fitify (click here to know why) but you can use any other app according to your convenience. The point is you need to have a workout app to keep that body in shape.

So with this I’m signing off for the day!
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How To Start Planning

If you have a lot to do and don’t know what will be the right approach then you’re at the right place!
Once I was in that position too but then I did the following things to be more productive. With this blog I’m going to help you start organizing. So, let’s get right on it.

Make a rough layout in your mind: Think about all of the work that you need to tackle by the end of this week and then try and jot it all down at one place.
Special tip- Since all the classes and assignments are on your laptop/iPad, thus try and jot down your pending list of tasks in that same device instead of a diary.

Decide your platform: You need a platform that will stick with you for a longer period of time. Instead of making a diary that will end up soon, try and download some planning-based apps. There are apps for everything, so it’s better to download them in your device.

Apps- You can basically plan your whole schedule out with the help of just 2 apps, Calendar and a To Do app. Most devices have their own calendar thus you don’t need to download another one. As far as the to do app is concerned, I’ll say download any app as per your preference. Try not to download an app which is very fancy and difficult to use, otherwise half of your time will go in just figuring it out. Stick to the basics.

Plan- Now put those apps to use. Block your calendar with your whole schedule and fill your to do list with tasks. Fill up your day with as much tasks as possible and use the calendar to see when you are free.

Deadlines: Have deadlines in all of your tasks. There are not enough words to say how important it is to have deadlines! I won’t recommend you to time yourself (Click here to know why) instead you should set the number of days you are going to give to your tasks.

This is how you can start planning and organising your day, it will not only help you with completing all of your tasks but it will also give you enough time for yourself.

So, with this I’m signing off for the day. If you find my blog helpful then be sure to like and drop a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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Confidence comes from within and that is why I’m here with a blog totally devoted to 8 types of bras every woman should own without a doubt!

The T-Shirt Bra

This is the basic underwear drawer essential. It has smooth and seamless cups, whose lines won’t show under your t-shirt. You can wear this bra under anything and not only your tees.

The Strapless Bra

Nowadays a strapless is very much needed in your cupboard. It’s the era of off shoulder and cold shoulder and though I’ll never say that bra straps shouldn’t show but I just feel strapless will be more comfortable for oneself.

The Balconette  

If you aren’t familiar with this name then worry not, these are just an elevated, a more fashion forward version of an ideal t-shirt bra. It is more on the stimulating side of the bra family. It offers a rounded look and great support with less coverage than a full cup style. The straps tend to be a little wider-set and join at the side of the cup rather than the centre. If you want to feel fancy then this is for you.

The Bralette

If underwire isn’t your cup of tea, you should definitely invest in a bralette. It provides you proper support and shape without any moulded cups or underwire. Bralette can even pass as a top.

The Sports Bra

A sports bra is a must. No other bra can pass as a sports bra. You need it for your workouts, games, field practice and every other sport. But associating sports bra with just sports is not fair because it is so much more than that. They are very comfortable and can actually take the place of your everyday option too.

The Bandeau

It is a strapless strip of stretchy fabric with a thick band on top and bottom for better hold. Most of the bandeau comes with pockets to insert pads. This converts such a bra into a padded bra or a strapless padded bra and makes it versatile enough to be worn under body-hugging outfits.

The Stick-On Bra

If your outfit is too revealing for a strapless bra, a great alternative is to stick to a stick-on bra. They are perfect for bodysuits and backless tops. Finding a stick-on bra in your skin tone is best for a super-clean look. These are the best for giving that no-bra illusion!

The Push-up Bra

If you want a boost to your confidence, a push-up bra will never do you wrong. The only key is comfort, always buy a comfortable push up bra with pads, as it can go a long way.

You need these babies in your lives to give you both support and poise. But be sure to always have the right size! If the size isn’t right then the bra will not be able to serve you to its full potential and you’ll always feel uncomfortable. Comment down below if you want to know about sizes of bras and cups and I’ll bring a blog dedicated to it.

So, with that I’m officially signing off for the day. If you find this blog helpful then be sure to drop a like. Comment your personal experience and mention any bra which you think every girl should have in her wardrobe.
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This Is What I Did to Achieve My Ideal Body Figure

During the lock down, my will to exercise went to level zero. I even stopped walking on a daily basis, and that’s when my weight increased suddenly. I didn’t really get “fat” but my body surely escaped the “fit” category. I started to surf the net for a proper workout routine just to get a fit body, but I didn’t find anything apt. That is when one of my friends told me about an app called Fitify, and honey that’s when my life actually changed.

It had all types of workouts and you could even design one based on your own preferences. The best part about this app was that it did not require subscription for the most part of it. There were only some things that you could not access without a subscription but that genuinely did not change anything. This app moulded my workout according to my busy schedule. 10 minutes, 15 minutes, whatever time I had for the workout I entered it in the app and it made my workout accordingly.

This app gave me a personal instructor whose recording of the particular exercises were already set up in the app. It made me do all sorts of exercises rendering to my needs. Fitify sets you up on a particular scheduled workout but you can try other workouts as well. It has a wide range of categories from Full Body Stretching to Muscle Building. The finest part is that you can do these exercises anywhere and everywhere, the basic workout doesn’t necessarily require the use of any tools.

I achieved my desired body in exactly 21 days.
The app set me up with a workout routine and I followed that religiously but I also did Yoga and body stretching side-by-side.

I will suggest you all to try this app out first instead of going straight to the gym, it would be better to burn calories at home instead of burning your money at the gym. The main point of all this is if the results are same, then why go to the gym?

Remember, its never too late and nothing is impossible!

So, I’m officially signing off for the day, if you find this helpful then please drop a like and comment down below how was your experience with Fitify also if there is any other app that helped you achieve your ideal body then do share it with me!

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Stay tuned!

PS- This is not a sponsored blog post.





If your college is starting soon and you still haven’t made a list of your essentials then don’t bother because I did that for you!
Following are the list of all the basic things you’ll need in your college.

Wallet: You’ll need a good wallet for your college years to carry your identity cards and credit/debit cards along with cash. Wallet is the most essential item and thus should be on top of your college list.

Laptop: Yes people, this will be an “essential” in your college. This is literally a necessity. You can buy any laptop according to your use, my only tip would be to spend according to your requirements.

A Five-Subject Register: Whichever college you end up going to, you need a five-subject notebook. No one in college goes around carrying registers for different subjects. It keeps your things organised as well as your bag light. It’s very easy to take notes that way.

Reusable Water Bottles: You won’t have much space in your college hostel to keep a lot of bottles and you will not even have enough time to fill them up. I would suggest you to pick a long lasting, environment-friendly water bottle for your daily use.

Planner: If you’re about to start college and still haven’t gotten the hang of a planner then how the hell are you surviving? I eat sleep and breathe my planner! I’m not telling you to get all fancy with it and buy a number of planners and spend half of your day designing it, its not the era of keeping a handwritten planner anymore. You can downloaded apps to plan out your whole day and it has been a big help. It makes your day more sorted and productive.

A Lasting Backpack: I know no one is dumb enough to forget to bring their backpack to college but I added it anyways as it’s an essential. Make sure to focus on buying a backpack which is more durable rather than going on a fancier side. Now I know you want everything to be aesthetic, no one wants to wear a dull bag on their back with super classy outfits, but just make sure its more on the tough side and not a waste of money. I mean what’s the use if it doesn’t serve all your purpose?

Airpods: Now it doesn’t have to necessarily be the pricy pair of airpods, but you should have a pair of earphones/headphones. It is not only useful for listening to music while walking down to your class but its respectful to use your earphones while watching movies just to avoid disturbing your roommate. Its very disrespectful to listen to loud music on speakers when your roommate wants to sleep or work.

Comfortable Walking Shoes: You will desperately need a comfortable pair of walking/running shoes! A cute pair of shoes might look good on the outside but can be super hurting on the inside. I personally swear by sports shoes from Puma & Nike, they provide me both comfort and style.

Going Out Shoes: This is important too. In the first week of college you will have a lot of parties and fests! Those running shoes will not be a go for a fancy event. These shoes should be fancy but not expensive. It should be multifaceted so that you can pair it up with numerous outfits. (a classy pair of black heels will never do you wrong!)

Sling Bag: A sling bad will be a significant part of your college life. It will be a great help when you’ll have to leave your room but have to take small things with you.

Umbrella: You should have a little umbrella in your backpack at all times depending on where you go to college. It is a very little thing and most of the people tend to miss but it is a very important part of your college essential list.

Positive Mentality: Go into your college with a positive mind, it will be the best years of your life. Don’t be afraid to discover different sides of your personality. College is a fresh start for everybody, everyone is vulnerable and everybody wants acceptance but first you got to accept yourself. Some problems might come your way but don’t forget you have always got your parents (believe me they are a lot more understanding than you think they are) and those special people in your life. Make new friends and associations but don’t forget about the old ones. You’ll love it!

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How To Beat Procrastination?

I was the biggest procrastinator till the past few months. But somehow, I managed to change that to a certain level. Today I’ll tell you how I stopped stalling around and actually started to accomplish my tasks on time.
Every human alive has been a procrastinator at some point in their lives, if you are facing the same problem then you are at the right place.

You’ll need to stick to the following aspects to beat the procrastinator in you:

Set your goals: You need to realize what you want to achieve in your life, so set up your goals, tasks. Work for your ambition. You need to understand that you won’t achieve your objective without working.

Get up and move: If you are a lazy person (like me!) then you need to get the hell out of your bed and start moving your body. A typical procrastinator delays everything, you need to change that in order to beat that procrastinator in you. Do some work out and change your scenery, move your body!

Make a planner: You have to plan your day, now this doesn’t mean that you have to create a planner or jot down things but you can even make a mind map of all the things you want to complete in the day and be sure to complete them. I would suggest you to sit one day and plan the next 5-6 days at once, by doing this your mind will automatically want to complete it the assigned day otherwise it will be transferred onto the next day and you’ll get more pressurised. I don’t use any planner diaries, instead I use apps to plan my days, and ticking something after completing it makes me feel so good that I want you all to have the same feeling as well.

Get a motivation buddy: You need to have a motivation buddy. You need that someone in your life who enjoys your victory as much as you do. Whenever you slip into a procrastinating mode you need this person to get you back in the game. I have one, do you?

Don’t set time for your tasks: Yes, you heard me right. Do not time yourself. Honey, I am a procrastinator too and I know what we tend to do. If you set a time and somehow miss to start the task at that exact hour then you will transfer it to the next hour and basically destroy your whole schedule. That is why don’t time yourself unless you are a very strong-willed human (which I am not).
Special tip- Just decide on the tasks you want to fulfil that day and do them. Your time doesn’t matter as long as you complete your to do list.

Reward yourself: You should always have something to look further to after completing your designated tasks. If you are a determined person then you can watch one episode of your favourite series after completing half of your task of the day. You’ll be more willed to complete your tasks if you’ll have an entertainment time after completing them.

Deactivate your Instagram: This social networking site is the most engaging, distracting, diverging, disturbing and sidetracking, and there are never enough words to emphasise on how absorbing this app can be. If you really want to beat the procrastinator inside you, you need to give up this app or any other similar app. Also scrolling memes all day won’t help in completing your tasks.

All these tips helped me to beat the procrastinator inside me. If you also follow these tips, I promise you’ll be able to make your day comparatively more efficient.

There will never be the “perfect” time to start working towards your goal so you just got to start doing it and believe me, you can do this.

So I’m signing off for the day, if you found this blog helpful then please drop a like. Did I miss something? Drop it down in the comment section if you think I did.

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How to Choose Your Ideal College?

If you’re confused about what college would be the best pick for you then you’re at the right place!
Through this blog I’ll help you to figure out what to keep in your mind when you’re looking for your ideal college, so let’s get started.

Student profile: The first and the foremost thing is that you should be clear about what you want to pursue in your future. Not only should you have passion for it but you should also have a strong will for your stream. It is highly important for oneself to be clear in their minds about what they want to accomplish. You should be very clear about the degree you want to work for.

City: The primary question that should be answered in your mind is that which city do you want your college to be located in. The location of an institution becomes a very key consideration to choose it. This is a very crucial step to decide your ultimate college. When you decide on a particular city only then will your options be narrowed down.

Opportunities: You need to be aware of all the prospects you’ll be getting in and out of your desired college. The internships, research-based programs, webinars, workshops and all the other kinds of exposure the college can provide should be well adjusted in your mind. Never compromise on your opportunities just to be in fancier college.

Placements: Validate that your college hosts campus placements for prestigious companies and also give you a chance for internships. This is the most important goal that you should set while looking for your ideal college. If the campus placement isn’t good enough, DO NOT choose that college!

Infrastructure: Make sure the college you decide to go in have a decent infrastructure. Now, I’m not saying that it should have lush green parks, air-conditioned rooms and fully furnished laboratories because that’s not possible. The point is to make sure your college provides you with basic infrastructure and amenities.

Hostel/Dorm Facilities: If you are planning to opt for hostel/dorm in your college make sure your hostel provides you with all the basic services. You’ll practically be living in your dorm for the next few years of your life and will make some lifetime memories so make sure that lifetime memory doesn’t include a half dead insect in your washroom. 

Events and Fests: Yes, it matters. College is not only about studying, it’s also about having the most fun filled years of your life. Keep in notice that your ideal college do host grand fests and events because every human needs that fun element in their lives.

Alumni: To get a clearer picture, try getting in touch with the alumni of your targeted institutions. It would be a fair assumption of the university by checking their personality. They might just let you in on some details not commonly found but could be important.

Not every college will fit into all of these mentioned categories, but your central aim should be to find the one which fits most of it.
It is very important to have a dream college in your mind rather than going with a mentality of “whichever college accepts me”. Things never work out your way if you go by that outlook. Its always better to have a plan for which you could work on.

Picture your dream, work passionately for it and you will get what you desired for.

So, I’m officially signing off for the day. If you find this blog helpful then please drop a like and if you think I missed out on anything then mention it in the comment section below!

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This is the first ever blog of my life. So I feel both scared and vulnerable, I mean its normal to feel like this, right? (I hope it is!😂)
So divadailyy to Earth, I am a 17 year old girl, almost on the verge of entering the real life and I feel like I am prepared to face it, I mean what could go wrong?😅
I am in my final year of school, still can’t believe my school life is almost over(!!!) and my college life is almost here ( only if Corona ends soon🙄 )
I have had a life full of both ups and downs, sometimes I hated to be me and sometimes I was happy with who I was, but gradually I realised that no one can pull you down unless you allow them to do so, and believe me if you stick to this mentality, life will be better and smoother. I am proud of myself for how I have turned out in my life and really that’s exactly what matters. I faced a lot of unwanted situations but I guess those situations made me who I am today.

Anyways, I am here to share all of my new adventures, lifestyle, advice and other awesome stuff with you. Hope you all support me, I desperately need encouragement😅

I guess I blabbered enough(😂)

Signing off for the day, please help by sharing my blog with your friends and family and I’ll soon be coming up with new and interesting content!
(If you want anything specific, drop it down in the comment section and I’ll make sure to keep up with your needs)


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